Engr. Gbenga Adebayo’s Speech at the Nigeria Society of Engineers Investiture, Ogun State, 2012

The Chairman, Ogun State Chapter, Nigeria Society of Engineers, The Rev (Engr). Awotunde Awolana
Members of the State Executive Council of the Nigerian Society of Engineers
The Women behind the Engineers, Mrs. Engineer, Spouse of Engineers
Distingushed Engineers and engineereses
Gentlemen of the Press
Ladies and Gentlemen

Ladies of Gentlemen of the Press

It gives great pleasure to welcome you to the International Media Centre, Ilorin, and it is for me a rare previldge to recieve all of you my worthy superiors in the Engineering profession iam partiularly more honured and delighted that the leader of your delegation, is a Man of many parts a man whose role has had significany impact in my career development and my own personal benefactor in person of The Right Reveren Engr. Awotunde Awolana is here today.


Egbon, i thank you and i wamrly welcome you.


We are African Broadband Limited a member of CNSSL Group of Companies, the owners of Royal FM 95.1 MHz Ilorin and Publishers of Royal Times Newspaper.


Royal FM 95.1 MHZ Ilorin is the first private FM Radio Station in Ilorin, Kwara State and we set to provide educational and entertainment programmes for our coverage community.


The Royal Times of Nigeria is a weekly regional newspaper covering the North Central States of the Country.


We are the owners of Communicaton Network Support Service, a network outsource maintenance company supporting the major telecom operators.


This visit is the most impotatnt to us, and so, we have come in our full strength and number to reciev you ; I haveth me today, the many young Nigerians who run our Group of companies, and our media organization, our total staff strenght stands at over 5500;


We are here to pay Homage, and to join our commendation for all of your good works for the peace in our land and most important to seek for your Royal Blessings for us on what we set to and in Kwara and Niger State.


At Royal Times and Royal FM 95.1, our editorial policy outlines the principles of practices that we uphold in delivering the highest quality of information for the benefits of the country, and its various cultural, ethnic and religious entities.


Integrity is our driving force, as it is a founding principle of our Media organization. We maintain the balance of an individual’s right to privacy with our obligation to cover stories. We believe that media reporting should be at the highest level of accountability and responsibility in order to deliver accurate and impartial news and stories.

We recognize, respect and adhere to the ethical conduct acknowledged by both our industry and the reading public. We adhere to good journalistic principles and maintain both individual and collective responsibility that upholds these principles throughout our media organization.

We take the responsibility to look at news independently and wholly, and ensure that they are not covertly driven by interests of individuals, agendas of business entities, ethnic and pressure groups, public and individual agitators, political entities, religious groups or Governments, hence subscribe to a promise not to be under any pressure to do a favour to any individual, commercial entity or interest group.

The Royal Times / Royal FM 95.1MHz styles and content are positive and creative, truthful and relevant as our journalism lay out why a story is significant and in what way a story is new.

Our readers and listeners are citizens who have the right to independent and impartial information.

At Royal FM 95.1MHZ Ilorin, we set the pace, and at Royal Times of Nigeria, we are for a better.

Our group of Media organisation will provide Job for young Kwarans and Nigerians, because we are investors in people and we believe the future of Our country lies in the hands of the younger generation.

Your majesty, I greet you for the peace in Borgu Land and the harmony amongst your subject, New Bussa is a cosmopoltan City with people from all parts of the country of diverse socio- culture and religious believes. The peace we enjoy here is a testimony to your good leadership, and we pray that may your shadows never grow less.

As a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria before ascending the throne of youis fore Fathere, we are happy about


I would like to take the opportunity of this visit to talk about the need  for Unity and re awaking our sense of National Consciousness as Nigeria’s:


The current challenges we face in Nigeria is worrisome, and there is a need for our traditional leaders and all Men of goodwill to join hands with Government in promoting Peace, harmony and Unity in our Land as embodied in our Quote of arm: UNITY and FAITH.


We are a Blessed Country free of several natural challenges in our world today.  We are free from Natural disasters such as earthquakes, Tsunami and so on: suiside bombing is allien to us, it is allience to our culture and twadituon. It is strange in our land. Our security challenges are Manmade and we must appeal to all of Nigerians through our traditional insitutions, the custodians of our soci–culture to continue in support for our Government and security operatives in keeping Nigeria Safe and our people united. Because United we stand, divided we fall and the more and better we are together, the greater we shall be.


Asalamu alakum, warahmatullahi, wabarakatuhul;


May the peace and mercy of Almighty Allah subuhanahu watahala …..be upon you His Majesty the Emir of Ilorin and its environment.



Thank you.


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