CNSSL Call Centre Limited (CNSSCCL)


The CNSSL Call Centre Limited (CNSSCCL) is a subsidiary company to Communication Network Support Services Limited (CNSSL).  The company was formed in 2009 as the first indigenous Call Centre Outsourcing  Company in Nigeria . We offer a range of call center services that meet end-to-end customer service needs. Our contact center services cover the entire spectrum of customer support and telemarketing needs of enterprises with expertise in:

  • Inbound Call Centre Services
  • Outbound Call Centre Service
  • Market Research
  • Products Consumer Research
  • Consumer surveys & Data collection

The company’s call centre operations handle over 50 million inbound and outbound calls per annum supported by a total capacity of just under 3000 call centre seats. The Centre will be a major catalyst for generation of employment especially at graduate level. Currently, the Company is the largest private employer of labour at the University and Polytechnic graduate level in the Northern part of Nigeria. It employs over 800 University and Polytechnic graduates in one location, which is expected to grow to between 2,000 and 2,500 in the next two years. Similar centres will also be established in at least five other locations in Nigeria within the next two to three years. Each of these centres will employ the same number of graduates in each location. The impact of operating successful contact centres on generation of employment for the youth cannot be underrated in any economy. The ability of technology to break down geographical barriers is also tremendous. CNSSLCCL in Nigeria is aiming to be the most popular choice worldwide for many service oriented companies such as telecommunication companies, manufacturers, banks among others. It is expected that Nigeria will be the hub for provision of these services. It will be able to compete favourably with foreign based ones especially on economic terms. The expected growth in demand for the service will be met with appropriate pricing to ensure that services are provided to the teeming population at appropriate prices.

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